Who We Are

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The Five Points Cluster is a collaboration among Unitarian Universalist congregations in Southeastern Massachusetts, including churches from Brockton, Canton, Foxborough, North Easton, Sharon, Stoughton, Attleboro, and Braintree.

This group is exploring how we can share common interests and experiences to enhance and support our missions, initiatives, programs, and communities.

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‌The purpose of the church is to heal the consequences
‌of lovelessness and injustice in the hearts and souls of our members,
‌​so they might heal the community, and together heal the world.

‌ — Rev. Nancy Bowen

‌What are the “Five Points”?
‌The “five points” stand for CARES: Collaboration, Action, Resources, Empowerment, Service. These are the five core purposes of the Cluster: collaboration on events and programs, taking action toward justice, sharing resources, empowering one another to grow and thrive (individually and as congregations), and offering service to our wider communities. The “five points” also honors our five founding congregations: Canton, Foxborough, North Easton, Sharon, and Stoughton.

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